17 Aprile 2024
About TEST
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About TEST


TEST promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities service and training in the field of transport:
carry out pre-competitive research on Security and Environment of transport systems;
provide engineering services for the design, testing, simulation models, certification, approval of systems and components of transport;
create and manage data bases network traffic associated with procedures for handling data, images and traffic information;
propose and participate with public entities and private entrepreneurs in industry projects;
spin-offs and technology transfer;
realize advanced training in the field of transportation technologies.

TEST S.c.a R.L. co-funded by the Campania Region (POR Campania 2000-2006 Measure 3:16,)

made by a group of research institutions:

University of Naples Federico II,
University of Sannio;
University of Naples Parthenope;
University of Salerno;
University of Naples L'Orientale;
Second University of Naples;
National Research Council with IM and IRAT

Organisation and Working Groups

Amministratore Unico Avv. Gianfranco Cacace

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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